Avast! Safe Zone problem solved

My personal option of bonding with my cousins aside, the reason I have not been in touch with my blog for several days was the technical lapse of my antivirus that irked me to the deepest of my groins.

The recurring problem has always began at start-up, during which the interface should be available for usage. My original desktop, however, would, in a snap, switch to the Avast! Safe Zone. Simply put, the usual Windows interface won’t open. I could not see the task bar, the start menu–just about everything that should be there. What had been visible was a gray techie-looking desktop wallpaper with a couple of Avast! icons.

The Avast! Safe Zone interface resembled Windows’, that is, it had a taskbar and a pseudo start menu button, in which case contained the Avast! logo. It also showed the time at the right-most side of the screen and a green <- icon beside which should, in its most obvious function,┬áredirect me to my original desktop, only it didn’t. I’ve been clicking these same things time and again, and rebooting my PC minute after minute, but none resolved the issue.

Finally when it seemed I won’t be able to fix it to the best of my geeky skill, I used my cousin’s PC and googled for the solutions to this particular problem, reassuring myself that this jackshit had not only occurred in my precious computer. It appeared that a lot of users in the Avast! community experienced the same inconvenience. Most of whom have not resolved the problem as yet. I did everything those who successfully decoded this unamusing puzzle advised, but none worked for me still.

Fearing the insurance of my files, I flexed my arms long and fixated myself to my computer: It’s on! I rebooted my computer and ran the Safe Mode start-up. The Avast! Safe Zone with all its glitches, if it happens to be a virus or a service malfunction, apparently cannot bridge your PC while in safe mode. Roving the pointer to the Start menu, I quickly brought myself to the Control Panel. Simply uninstalling Avast! in my system while in Safe Mode solved the riddle. You see, none is so big a problem to those who think, haha!

I’ve used Avast for ages, like if the company ever reward loyal users, I’d probably get my own plaque. Lucky is Avast! to have users like me who’s still willing to use their service after discommoding me big time. After fixing the problem, I reinstalled Avast! After all, their the best free antivirus for non-commercial users.

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3 thoughts on “Avast! Safe Zone problem solved

  1. Ever heard of avast! haha! i have its the biggest load of crap for a poor excuse for a free antivirus program… Avast! back in the day was a virus that could be downoaded as a free antivirus software program that looked and acted just like a virus protector it even intergrated with the operating system downloading trojan after trojan on to the computer with out my knowledge it was only one day i got to thinking i might try and have a look at some of those free online fix it programs from mcafee or norton these worked great mcafee not so, just to see if i had any viruses and well norton was fantastic it had fixed 3 or so worms and about 14 or so trojans not to mention spyware and malware that was also present…I will add that the computer is still having problems i can’t get avast! out of safe mode to uninstall it any ideas.

    This add was copied and pasted to here for all to see by me this did not happen to me nor was it writen by me please dont reply my email address as owner of this note does not want to help but just be aware of what you download use off the internet.

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